Dry Fly Assortment of 16 Flies- Fly Box Not Included



This is the perfect assortment for a dry fly fisher. This caries all the dry flies you might need. There are some of our favorite flies in this assortment.

Starting from right to left the flies that are in this assortment are:

Top Row:

  • (2) Au Sable Wolff Size 8
  • (2) Saddle Pop Size 6
  • (2) Peacock Midge Size 14

Middle Row:

  • (2) Royal Coachman Bucktail Size 8
  • (2) Royal Wulff Size 8

Bottom Row:

  • (2) Pheasant Tail Midge Size 14
  • (2) Adams Dry Fly Size 14
  • (2) Yellow Humpy Size 14


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