Kids Who Tie Flies

We are three young men Ty (12), Chase (13), and Tyler (11) who run and tie all the flies for Eagle Creek Custom Flies.

Hi, my name is Chase and I am a self taught fly tyer. I was always interested in making lures to catch fish. I used a spin rod for most of my life (after I started tying flies I have found there is a known point in spin rodding). One day I found a recipe for making a spinner so I tried it. That experiment failed miserably but I made a lure that was fishable(Tyler tried to fish this lure and caught a bass). Then I got a fly tying kit for christmas 2 years later. Once I used up the materials in that kit I checked out one from the library. Then I started to buy materials from Amazon. This is how I got to where I am now. One day Ty came to our house and Tyler, who had just learned how to tie flies, taught Ty what he knew. After that I taught Ty the basics of fly tying and he thrived from there. Now Ty can tie some flies better than me, but I can tie some better than him. I have started to compete in fly tying contests but I don’t win much.


My name is Ty and my friends are Tyler and Chase who are brothers. We are starting this business together. I have one brother, Case. He is five, but it is me and my friends that have this business. We have been friends for a while and love fly tying. They taught me how to tie flies. My parents both tied flies when they were kids and I used their fly tying stuff to get started.


My name is Tyler and I knew nothing about fly tying. Until Chase my brother got a kit from the library. He taught me the basics of fly tying. Then I showed Ty and he wanted to learn right away. So I taught him. Right now Ty can tie better than me. I came up with an idea, a business! Right away I called Ty. That day Eagle creek custom flies were created.


We have hiked into many lakes and streams to test our flies. We have found out which flies work best in a lot of Oregon’s ponds, lakes, and streams. We like popper fishing for bass. Dry fly fishing and nymphing for trout and having that joy when a fish rises for your fly. We fish mostly for trout, because it is the main fish you would find in Oregon mountain streams and lakes.

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