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Dry Flies (24)

Dry flies are designed to be buoyant, or land softly on the surface of the water. Dry flies typically represent the adult form of an aquatic or terrestrial insect.

Packs and Assortments (17)

We have fly assortments to make buying our flies easser. Some Fly Assortments are discounted.

Fly Boxes are not included

Streamers (20)

Streamers are designed to resemble some form of baitfish or other large aquatic prey. Streamer flies may be patterned after both freshwater and saltwater prey species. Streamers are effective for almost any type of gamefish.

Nymphs (25)

Nymphs are designed to resemble the immature form of aquatic insects and small crustaceans.

Wet Flies (13)

Wet flies are designed to sink below the surface of the water. Wet flies are tied in a wide variety of patterns to represent larvae, nymphs, pupa, drowned insects, baitfish and other underwater prey.

Custom Flies

We want to have all the flies you need so we do sell custom flies.

What are custom flies? Click here to learn more.

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